fieramilano, 5-10/10/2015
'Let's build the future'
Metal forming and metal cutting machine tools, machines for welding, for thermal and surface treatments, robots, mechatronics, additive manufacturing technologies, automation hardware and software, assembling, tools, parts, components, accessories, metrology, quality control, systems for safety and environmental protection.


Participation costs and information

Taking part in EMO MILANO 2015 means being among the protagonists of the reference event for the world of metal processing that attracts thousands of visitors for every corner of the globe. 
The cost simulator can be used by exhibitors to plan their attendance at the show very easily. The Basic Rent, including services and supplies * is € 318.00/sq.m. (minimum area 20 sq.m.)

Minimum area 20 sq.m.

VAT as per Law, if due, has to be added to the total amount.

N.B. This service is purely indicative for the calculation of the participation costs and it does not have any contractual value.

Increase for open sides

For stands up to 50 sq.m.: 

  • 20% if the stand has two open sides,
  • 30% if the stand has three open sides,
  • 50% if the stand has four open sides.

For larger stands: 

  • The above increase will be applied to the first 50 sq.m.
  • The increase will be half of the above percentages for the area between 51 and 100 sq.m.
  • An only 10% charge will be applied for the area over 100 sq.m.

* Services and supplies included in the Basic Rent:

1. Handling of exhibits from the railway car or truck to the stand (including the installation and repositioning of the machines at the points indicated by the Exhibitor on the stand layout) and their removal at the end of the Exhibition from the stand to the means of transportation; express and airway delivery of parcels as well.
2. Use of crane for machine assembly and disassembly.
3. Services of the shipping agent at goods arrival and departure.
4. Custom formalities for temporary import of goods intended for the Exhibition.
5. Rent for stand surface occupation.
6. Electrical connections for lighting and power supply to the stand, including the main switch.
7. Electric power consumption.
8. Compressed air and water consumption, where prearranged fixed systems are existing.
9. Stand sign panel.
10. Transport and storage of packing material.
11. Transport and storage of materials for demonstration, processing and working tools.
12. Removal of waste, shavings and filing.
13. Rooms for sanitary facilities and locker rooms for assembly operators.
14. Promotional, advertising and communication material.
15. Entry in the official Catalogue of the Exhibition.
16. One Exhibition catalogue for each 25 sq.m. of stand, max. five catalogues.
17. Entrance and parking cards for Exhibitors according to stand size.
18. Visitor admission tickets.

General Rules of the Exhibition

Online Registration


For information:

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